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    Law Office BSS Lawyers and Advisers

    atty. Michał Samsonowski     lc. Aleksander Batoryna


The Law Office is located in the heart of the Katowice agglomeration, in a historic tenement house at Mikolowska 9 street (II floor, app no. 8) vis à vis the monumental building of the District Court in Katowice.

Our Team consists of ambitious and talented lawyers and legal counselors, for whom the chosen career path is work combined with vocation. Due to the varied experience in a given branch of law, the lawyers of the Office provide specialized services tailored to the legal problem of the mandatary. With loyalty and commitment we conduct proceedings for foreign clients with the use of French and English language.


Prawo karne

Criminal Law

Prawo cywilne i rodzinne

Civil and family law

Prawo handlowe

Commercial and bankruptcty law

Szkody górnicze

Mining damage

Kredyty walutowe

Curecy loans


Real estate


Adwokat Michał Samsonowski

atty. Michał Samsonowski

Radca prawny Aleksander Batoryna

lc. Aleksander Batoryna

atty. Marta Witkowska

Adwokat Piotr Czerwiński

atty. Piotr Czerwiński

Radca Prawny Magdalena Majos-Kwiatkowska

lc. Magdalena Majos-Kwiatkowska

Radca Prawny Małgorzata Wiśniewska

lc. Małgorzata Wiśniewska

Adwokat Justyna Kucejko-Kowalczyk

atty. Justyna Kucejko-Kowalczyk


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